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Converting line endings

Install the small nice applications called “Flip” with: brew install flip and then execute following command: flip -u filename Options: -u = convert file(s) to Unix newline format (newline) -d = convert file(s) to MS-DOS/Windows newline format (linefeed + newline) -m = convert file(s) to Macintosh newline format (linefeed) -t = display current file type,… Read More »


Legend: u – users g – groups o – others a – all To add a write permissions for the user (+ because we want to add them): chmod u+w file To remove a read/write permissions for the group (- because we want to remove them): chmod g-rw file Specifying multiple permissions per once: chmod… Read More »

Useful commands

Counting the number of words in file: cat file.txt | wc -w Searching the output for “uzza” word: cat big-file.txt | grep uzza Gzipping files: gzip some_file.txt Decompressing Gzipped files: gzip -d some_file.txt.gz Creating archive of directory: tar -cvf archive-name.tar some-dir c – creating new archive v – verbose f – we want to specify… Read More »