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Relocating SVN repository

Just execute following SVN command: svn switch –relocate where first argument is the current path to repository (execute ‘svn info’ for more details) and the second argument is a new path

Reverting changes in SVN

Simple pattern: svn merge -r <REV FROM>:<REV TO> <FILE_NAME> Example: svn merge -r 20682:20681 data/js/game/filename.js Of course at the end you have to commit all changes.

Useful SVN commands

Merge commit to branch (from 2.19 -> context branch 2.20 for example): svn merge -c 16015 Resolving conflicts: svn resolve –accept mine-full data/css/game.css svn resolve –accept working data/css/game.css Updating to revision: svn update -r 16206 Cloning repository: svn co <target-directory> Adding files: svn add src/file.js src/file.php Updating to concrete revision: svn checkout -r… Read More »